Taking Time

February 29 seems like good a day to get this blog on the road.

Otherwise known as a ‘Leap Day’, February 29 is an unusual little blip that occurs creating a ‘Leap Year’ – otherwise known as the year we hold the Olympics. February 29 is perhaps a date for which many of us give little thought toward, except maybe to wonder what it might mean if we were born on this day – how we might feel a little jibbed by our birthday being celebrated only once in every four years. Or otherwise, how we might be able to say we are technically only 10 years old when our 42nd birthday comes around. Which would be quite fabulous, actually.

The thing that I find particularly significant about this day is that we get an extra 24 hours up our sleeve for the year.  Ok, ok, I know, the complaint is that there are not enough hours in the day, not that we need more days in the year. Besides wouldn’t it be better to have our leap day as December 24.5, so we can get all our Christmas shopping done with time to spare?

Actually, what I like about February 29 is that it is possibly one of the only significant days in our calendars of which the markets haven’t pounced upon and created a bunch of plastic fantastic toys, trinkets and treats to convince us to buy.

It doesn’t mark anything like New Year’s Day or Easter or Valentines Day.  It marks something of which I find to be ever increasingly precious; Time.

Extra Time.

This is particularly precious to me, as recently, in order to grab some of this magical ‘time’ elixir, I took a knife and carved out a significant slab of schedule.

I quit my teaching job.

So, here I am, knife in one hand, bleeding career in the other, sanity slowly returning. Here I am on the one extra free day we get to blow, every four years.

I am here, taking the time.

Time to connect to the heart – matters of the heart. Time to explore the heart of matters, in the jumble and complexity of modern life that I find myself increasingly wrestling for peace with.

In the past two years I have gone from student solo Mum of a toddler, to fully qualified secondary teacher. I’ve met, dated, got engaged, wedded and began the adventure of marriage with a darling man – who travels regularly for his altruistic career.  To add to this daring cocktail, my daughter has started the brave new world of school. I knew some exciting things were arriving in my 30’s, but wow, I need to process the amaze and craze of the old, the new and the bamboozlement of doing things all inside out, upside down and back to front.

So, I’m taking the time to write this, my first entry, as the beginning of a little exploratory journey of meditative musings on things such as parenting, relationships, education, spirituality, creativity and living mindfully.  It’s always been a prayer of mine that all my broken bits would make something beautiful. I would love you to help by joining me as I take some time to make my mosaic.

Many thanks for taking some of your time to read my first ever Inside Out post.